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After one analyst earlier this month referred to Calithera Biosciences Inc.'s benefit from "pairing promiscuously" with the lead candidate in its pipeline, the company matched efforts in a different way with Incyte Corp. on an early stage prospect, and stands to collect not only $45 million up front and an $8 million equity investment but also as much as $430 million in milestone payments.
Though PowerVision has been around for more than a decade, this past year has been a catalyst for the company’s goal of clearing a path for its innovative fluid-based intraocular lens in what is a crowded market for ophthalmological devices.
Fierce Biotech
Medtech Conference co-chair Stacy Enxing Seng, after succeeding at both start-ups and corporates, shares her enthusiasm for her new role as venture partner at Lightstone Ventures.
The Foundry and Lightstone Ventures (LSV) have partnered to launch Foundry SING1, Inc., a medical technology (medtech) incubator that will identify and address unmet clinical needs in Asia.
Deal Street Asia
ForSight VISION4, a privately held biotechnology company revolutionizing drug delivery for treatment of retinal diseases, announced today that it has been acquired by Roche Holdings Inc.
PR Newswire
Every year thousands of companies, big and small, flock to Las Vegas to unveil their latest gadgets, with every minor spec bump dissected by thousands of journalists in attendance. But at a show filled with tech enthusiasts laser-focused on every new advancement, the most innovative product at the show might just be a smart breast bump called Willow.
Smart breast pumps aren't novel, but a new product relieves moms from the hassle of having to hold up a device or be chained to a power outlet while pumping.
As a new mother, nobody tells you that you'll spend hours of your life sitting on the sofa with a noisy suction monster. No, not your baby -- your breast pump.